our obligatory boring bios

Tom Ainslie is a multimedia producer and didn't write a bio.

Jamie Allen makes interactive art and sound makers with his head and hands. He believes technology will one day allow us to circumvent and reinvent traditional, commercial and hierarchical relationships to art and performance. His work in design, music, performance and public art creates physical relationships between people and with media. heavyside.net

Melissa Barrett Lundquist is the Assistant Chairperson of Pratt Institute's Digital Arts Department. She has a MFA from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science from NYU. Selected exhibitions include: DIY TLC: Partyka & Friends, New York Institute of Technology, 2006; AAF Contemporary Art Fair, 2005; Crossing Disciplines, Schafler Gallery, Pratt Institute, 2004; Arboreal Abstractions, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH, 2004.

Lia Bulaong loves her dog, New York City and bacon, usually in that order. She received her master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program and make her living as a freelance writer, designer, photographer and new media consultant. She obsesses about pop culture, technology, art, politics, and their various intersections at cheesedip.com.

Michael J. Horan is a New York-based baller who dabbles in stuff. His interests range from video and sound to exhibition and performance. He is currently a Visiting Artist at Pratt Institute's Digital Arts Lab and pursuing every opportunity that comes his way. Keep up with his goings-on at yobitches.com.

Rob O’Neill is an artist, programmer and researcher working at the intersection of art and science. He holds BA in anthropology from Brooklyn College (CUNY) and an MFA from Parsons School of Design in Design and Technology. Previous professional experience include: researcher in Cultural Resources at the American Museum of Natural History; Production Fellow at Eyebeam; Character Technical Director at PDI/Dreamworks on “Shrek 2” and “Madagascar”; Character Technical Director at Charlex/Launch, and Studio Technical Director at Eyebeam. Currently on the faculty and a Research Associate in the Pratt Digital Arts Research Lab, Rob’s work has been shown with Kidrobot at Visionaire Gallery, the Exit Art "Studio Visit" show, and most recently at the New York Hall of Science.

Tali Padan works at an educational technology organization called Vision Education & Media. Tali holds a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and an MPS from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. She has curly hair and cuts it once a year.

Derek Wang lives in a Williamsburg yuppie box and didn't write a bio.