some thoughts on media ownership

This comes up enough that I thought I should articulate our 'policy', such as it is, about copyright issues that ghostbustour brings up. Just so we're clear - it is a policy that isn't about just not caring about copyright (although it is also about that.).

It's not that we don't care about the legal and copyright issues involved in this project, it's that we probably disagree with them. Ghostbusters is the first cultural franchise many of us were really marinated in as kids. The film's imagery and themes are so indelibly ingrained in the psyche of our generation, that they are really, or really should be, beyond ownership. Cultural public property, assimilated media, iconographic wallpaper on the inside of our brains. (A good write up on all this here.)

Media like Ghostbusters (soundtrack and graphic language included, if not in particular), that lives outside of the original media itself - in our heads, speech, behavior and identities - is not something we can be accused of 'stealing'. If ownership must be articulated, we (the people) should be correctly identified (as a generation?) as effectively equal to the creators of the film Ghostbusters in the authoring of Ghostbusters the cultural phenomenon.

That said, we have no plans to commercialize our ghostbustour in any way. We just love the movie, and loved the idea of making this tour. Please don't sue us, we don't have any money.