We have included various versions of our tour below for your experiential enjoyment. Please contact us if you have any trouble getting these working.

And make sure you send us pics of you doing the tour! You can also just tag Flickr pics with 'ghostbustour' and we'll find 'em. HAVE FUN!

first of all, here's the map.


RSS Feed
iTunes video podcast
a simple podcast of all the media
files for each location on the tour

iPod tour
add these files to your iTunes library
and Notes folder for special menus and
other tour features


Sony PSP
these files get copied to a memory
card and put on your PSP


mobile phone (168x177)

mobile phone (320x240)

these 3GPP media file sets willwork with
smaller phone displays (Nokia, etc.) and
larger phones (Treo, Blackberry, etc.)