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"Who Ya Gonna C(site)?" LSU associate professor of law Christine Alice Corcos seems to understand the greater issues at play in the film Ghostbusters, as she used the film as framework to understand the environmental regulation debate, circa 1997.

Proton Charging is Chris Stewart's completely awesome regularly updated Ghostbusters blog. We kind of really love his logo. is ten years old and seems to be the biggest of all the Ghostbusters message board. (And there are a lot of them, seriously.)

Ghostbusters HQ is a great resource for news about the GB films, comics, cartoons and basically everything else a Ghostbusters fan could ever know or want to know about.

Ghostbusters Mobile is, you guessed it, a game for your mobile phone that lets you track and capture ghosts in a haunted mansion.We haven't played it but it looks cute. Only available in the US and only to subscribers of Sprint, Cingular, Verizon and T-Mobile.

The Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters is, well, "a mashup of Google Maps and every New York City location used in filming the movie Ghostbusters and its sequel Ghostbusters 2 that a person might be likely to visit on a trip to Manhattan." Lots of fun to peer closely at, especially if you're very familiar (or think you are) with NYC.

Flickr: photos tagged with ghostbuster—go through two years worth of photos and you'll even see ones from when some of us first went on a Ghostbusters tour of Manhattan!

Other GB tours of the city: Filming Locations for Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters Filming Locations, and The Ghostbusters Tour Photologue.

The Ivan Reitman Q & A is a great read from the otherwise lackluster official dvd site from Columbia Pictures. Speaking of the dvd...

ghostbusters dvdIf you don't already own the Ghostbusters on dvd, the double feature boxed set featuring both movies is pretty sweet, what with the remastered video and sound plus the movie scrapbook, and Amazon's currently got it for only $13.99.

We prefer the original Ghostbusters dvd because of the MST3K-style video commentary by Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis that mysteriously didn't make it into the boxed set. And hey, it's only $4.49! That's practically free, and you know you'd happily pay twice or thrice that anyway.

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